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VF In Talks With Amy Adams: On the Road/The Master
September 14, 2012    0

Vanity Fair did a round of interviews during Toronto International Film Festival, and here’s the one they did with Amy:

“The Master” Press Conference
September 8, 2012    0

Here’s the video of full press conference of “The Master” done yesterday during TIFF – you can start watching from the mark of 4 minutes. Also a few pictures has been added, there’s only a few ones around, sadly, because I loved Amy’s dress! Appearances > Events in 2012 > September 08th – “The Master” […]

“The Master” David Letterman Clip
August 30, 2012    3

Following Tuesday’s release of a new theatrical trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s highly anticipated new movie The Master, we’re now treated to a new clip. And while all material bestowed unto the public thus far has lain focus on stars Philip Seymour Hoffman (the charismatic founder of a new religion) and Joaquin Phoenix (his increasingly […]

“Trouble With The Curve” TV Spots
August 23, 2012    0

Warner Bros. has revealed their first TV spots for “Trouble with the Curve”, starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Matthew Lillard, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman. The movie is planned for a September 21st release. Check all videos below:

The Muppets: DVD Goodies
June 2, 2012    0

I finally got in hands the regular DVD copy of “The Muppets” and did some screen captures of the Bloopers Reel that’s available on it. Movies > Muppets (2011) > DVD Extras: The Longest Blooper Reel Ever

Disney Radio and Trevor Project
December 10, 2011    0

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates here, December is a crazy month on my real life. Last month Amy attended the Disney radio, doing an interview about The Muppets. Check a short video: You’ll find a few MQ pictures of it in our gallery, plus some pics of Amy attended the Trevor Project Live […]

“The Muppets” Featurette: Amy Interview
November 7, 2011    3

This adorable video was released today by Disney, let’s hope a better quality one surfaces soon so I can take proper screen captures. Check it below the cut tag: Movies > Muppets (2011) > Featurette: Amy Adams Interview