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Claudia Dec 20, 2010 Comments Off on Amy Adams: ‘I’m Trying to Be More Present in Each Moment of My Life’

Article taken from Parade. Amy Adams is still thoroughly enchanting. Let’s just state that for the record right here and now. In her black skirt, red chiffon top, and purple pumps with the four-inch heels that levitate her to the 5-foot-8 stature she believes God actually intended for her, she remains the irresistible charmer who […]

Claudia Dec 13, 2014 Comments Off on Amy Adams Talks Feminism in ‘Big Eyes’

Article taken from Bustle. In Amy Adams’ latest film Big Eyes (in theaters Dec. 25), she portrays Margaret Keane, an artist who was psychologically abused by her husband, Walter, as he forced her to let him take credit for her paintings. As he rose to fame, she sat in a closet and created work for him, trapped in […]

Claudia Nov 06, 2016 Comments Off on Amy Adams: ‘I thought, if I can’t figure this out, I can’t work any more’

Article taken from The Guardian. The Oscar-nominated actor talks about industry sexism, why she cried on set and the pitfalls of a Hollywood marriage. The morning I head off to meet Amy Adams something happens that is almost too common to be called ironic, so instead let’s call it a typical absurdity arising from being […]

Claudia Nov 23, 2017 Comments Off on Amy Adams Talks ‘Justice League,’ American Cinematheque Award

Article taken from Variety. Amy Adams can rise to any challenge: sparkle as a princess, brawl like a Boston barmaid, dance with Muppets, kiss Superman, earn five Oscar nominations and hold her own against Meryl Streep — twice. Still, on Nov. 10, the deeply private, craft-driven actress will face a new test when Tom Hanks, Jake […]

Claudia May 23, 2018 Comments Off on Gillian Flynn, Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson Aren’t Afraid to Tackle Big Topics

Article taken from the Wall Street Journal.  “Don’t they look related?” says author Gillian Flynn, glancing at Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, who raise their eyebrows quizzically. The pair play mother and daughter in Sharp Objects, the much-anticipated HBO adaptation of Flynn’s 2006 debut novel, but the suggestion that they resemble their characters makes the […]

Claudia Jul 10, 2018 Comments Off on Amy Adams on her transition from big screen to small screen: ‘It’s a totally intense experience!’

Article taken from Philstar Global. Sharp Objects tells the story of Camille Preaker, a journalist and an alcoholic, who returns to her small hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri to report on the gruesome murder of one preteen girl and the disappearance of another. Once home, she gets to confront her past and the tragic circumstance […]

Claudia Jul 10, 2018 Comments Off on ‘Sharp Objects’ stars talk family dysfunction and rock to Led Zeppelin

Article taken from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Get actress Amy Adams and director Jean-Marc Vallee into a room together and at some point Led Zeppelin might start blaring through the puny speakers of an iPhone, with Ms. Adams doing a subtle sing-along midway. “We could keep this going,” she warns as she bobs […]

Claudia Oct 29, 2020 Comments Off on Amy Adams, Glenn Close talk their major Hillbilly Elegy transformations

Article taken from Entertainment Weekly. When the trailer for Hillbilly Elegy hit the internet last week it made waves in part because of the major transformations of its lead actresses. (The other part probably has something to do with it being another potential awards vehicle for both stars, who are long overdue for an Oscar.) Glenn […]

Claudia Nov 25, 2020 Comments Off on Amy Adams: One of a Kind

Article taken from Netflix Queue. Amy Adams on her singular career and her latest role, in Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy. Few actors can stand shoulder to shoulder with Amy Adams. The six-time Academy Award nominee has delivered many extraordinary performances over the course of her career, from her breakout in the 2005 indie sensation Junebug, to her portrayal of […]